5 Reasons your business should explore progressive web apps

Companies need to promote their businesses through all means possible to reach out to their target audience. And undoubtedly the most effective way to target larger audiences is through technological gadgets and the internet, something that everyone has access to and carries at all times. Yes, you have guessed it right ‘Smartphones’.

Businesses that are appearing on online platforms through smartphones or other devices have many options such as; a responsive website to promote their products or services, a mobile application with a user-friendly interface, or PWA (Progressive Web App) for achieving both.

Among the options available, the more successful businesses are now inkling towards progressive web apps as it brings a balance to the other two, eliminating the pain points. Here is a list of 5 reasons that your business should explore progressive web apps:

1. Device-agnostic

A great benefit of progressive web apps is that they are compatible with all platforms and devices. It doesn’t require any extra effort. The fact that these web apps are stored online, increases the load speed even in slow connections.

In simpler terms, with PWAs you won’t have to worry about spending expenses on developing multiple apps for different devices and platforms. Apart from providing a good and excellent customer experience with flexibility and availability on all devices, it cuts the cost of development and maintenance as well.

2. Hassle-free

Traditional websites take time to load and mobile applications need time to download and install on your device to run. Progressive web apps eliminate the hassle or need for the download.

The cross-functionality features even allow users to switch between devices and apps without experiencing any difference. The PWAs will have the same functionality and with faster and more intuitive user experience.

3. Secure

HTTPS is considered to be the most secure channel online, and progressive web apps use HTTPS. This eliminates any possibility of intrusion between your progressive web app and the user. That ensures that the data shared is absolutely secure and safe.

This would also increase the credibility of your online presence and eventually your brand.

4. Great features

Most applications are famous because of their appearance, feel, and most importantly their features. PWAs offer great user-friendly features that would allow users to access areas of your services easily without much effort, that too at great speed and flexibility to all devices.

Some of the famous features are push notifications, offline support, and more. It is what users nowadays look for in a responsive web app.

5. Easy Access

Progressive web apps are easily accessible across devices at any time. This clearly makes it a perfect choice, as users won’t have to go through the burden of downloading the application or searching for the website but finding out that it doesn’t support or functions are not properly working.


As long as your progressive web app has good functionality features, and also has many offline capabilities, your business will thrive with PWAs.

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