Augmented Analytics and Creative AI

Imagine you are a company CEO tasked with finding out as much as possible about your customers. What could you do beyond what you already do to find out more? 

New technologies like augmented analytics and creative AI can help you gain a deeper understanding of your data, and thus, your customers and unlock new opportunities to transform your business.

In a world where more and more organizations are using data in their day-to-day decision-making, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand the world through data alone. This is where the ability to augment analytics and creative AI comes into play. Through the combination of these two, organizations can gain a much better understanding of their data, and they can also use it to make decisions that lead to better business outcomes and enhanced value.

Read on to learn how creative AI and augmented analytics can bridge the data knowledge gap and eventually allow the organization to gain value from data insights. 

What is Augmented Analytics? 

Analytics has been a core part of modern business for decades, and it continues to become more important. With the growth of data, analytics is now more important than ever. The key to this growth is the data knowledge gap.

Augmented analytics is a method of data analytics that utilizes the use of enabling technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence to automatize analysis processes like data preparation, insight generation, insight explanation, and data processing. All these tasks are generally done by a data scientist or analyst. Simply put, it is the process of augmenting the analytics data that is already available in a data warehouse. The goal is to provide the analytics data in a format that is more self-explanatory, visual, and actionable.

What is Creative AI? 

The concept of creative AI is a nascent one. It is not just about AI that can generate creative content like art or music, but also AI that can use past data to learn from experience, entitling it to fine-tune itself and develop new solutions and suggestions through visuals and audio techniques. Eventually, Creative AI helps in customizing the outcome of data insights in a way that produces the most sense for the end-user.

Augmented Analytics and Creative AI are Bridging the Data Knowledge Gap

Augmented Analytics and Creative AI are two of the hottest trends across industries and companies. They are complementary tools in helping an organization gain a more profound insight into its data and analytics. These tools can be used with each other to better understand a business’s challenges and opportunities; to create new opportunities for growth and innovation; to keep an organization current on regulatory changes that could impact it; and to create more personalized, customized experiences for customers.

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