Some of the drawbacks of AI that Enterprises need to keep in mind

AI refers to the systems or machines that mimic the human brain to perform tasks. A human brain is a pattern-seeking machine that performs tasks based on the information it has and how it processes different information it has to solve problems. In the same way, AI sees patterns in the data they have access to, and can also learn from its mistakes and the new information they get. Organizations can reduce errors and improve accuracy and precision through the use of artificial intelligence. While AI has many advantages, it also has some drawbacks.

There are some drawbacks to AI that enterprises should be aware of

  1. High cost of creation: Artificial intelligence is a new and amazing technology, but creating a machine learning and AI-based system is not simple. A platform that is based on AI costs a lot of money because you need a highly skilled team of software engineers. Some businesses stop funding AI platform projects because of the cost and time involved in developing them.
  2. Vulnerable to Bias: AI works on the basis of the data it gets and the skewed data can cause unintentional bias, or errors and can dramatically affect predictions and cause models to malfunction. 
  3. Regular upgradation: No software is perfect, so they need to be updated regularly. In the same way, AI-based systems need to be updated as the business nature, the customer base, or the preferences of the customers change. The updating process is time-consuming, costly, and tricky. 
  4. Limited:  Artificial intelligence tools such as Chatbots often cannot answer questions with multiple parts or too complex to understand or require a decision. As a result, when a customer asks such a question that the chatbot cannot answer, the customer is left without a solution or answer. 
  5. Customizing AI for your business is complex: Every business is different and they all have different requirements. One AI system can’t be used for every business which is why creating a customized AI system for your business is very complex. 
  6. Emotionless: Currently artificial intelligence systems or machines do not have emotions, they only use the information they receive and the algorithms we set for them to perform tasks and solve problems. Due to this, we cannot use AI in tasks that require human intelligence and emotions. 
  7. Inability to think outside the box: Artificial intelligence is still taking baby steps and does not have the self-awareness and ability to learn and think like humans. Machines and platforms powered by AI can only do what they’re programmed to do, and their capabilities are limited by the data they receive or have. AI platforms have been found to exhibit prejudice and racism in many instances. Their programming prevents them from thinking outside the box to solve a problem or complete a task. As of now, artificial intelligence is not as creative and smart as humans.
  8. Security:  Everything on the internet is connected, and AI systems or programs may have loopholes that a hacker can exploit. The risk of hackers hacking into AI-based systems, along with unauthorized use, compromises the safety of the data entrusted to it. It is therefore crucial to pay special attention to the security of such software.

AI is a very useful technology that humans have created that can do complex tasks non stop 24X7 and take better and faster decisions than humans can’t do but it has certain drawbacks too. It is important for enterprises to consider the drawbacks before investing in AI platforms.

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