Azure now provides Enterprise-grade DDoS protection for SMBs

Security threats to organizational resources and applications have increased tremendously in past few years. As a result, the security of data and resources concerns most organizations, especially small and medium businesses (SMBs). To safeguard against this evolving distributed denial of services (DDoS), Azure has announced DDoS IP protection and network protection that would offer enterprise-level DDoS protection at reasonable prices for SMBs and large organizations.

Thanks to the DDoS IP protection SKU, customers, and business owners can now activate DDoS protection on specific public IP addresses. For small and medium businesses, this is an ideal way of safeguarding multiple public IP addresses.

Fundamental features available in DDoS protection for SMBs

Some of the key features available are:

1. Attack metrics and logging

A very useful feature of DDoS IP protection is that it shows the analytics of attacks on your devices. It closely monitors the attacks in real-time or near real-time to detect and quickly alert and respond. This feature responds to the attacks with visibility into the attack’s lifecycle, its vectors, and mitigation.

2. Massive mitigation capacity and scale

This feature allows the clients to safeguard and defend their resources, data, and applications against even the most sophisticated and complex attacks. This is done through cloud-scale DDoS protection and the good part is that it’s backed by Azure’s global network.

3. Adaptive tuning

With adaptive tuning, you can protect your data while also minimizing false positives (a false understanding of a secured file as a malicious one). It’s possible by tuning to the actual scale and traffic patterns.

4. Integration with Firewall Manager

This basically enables managing DDoS protection with other network security services simultaneously.

5. Integration with Microsoft Sentinel and Defender for Cloud

Rich attack analytics, security alerts, recommendations, telemetry integrated with Microsoft Sentinel, and strengthening the security postures are all possible and provided by Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

DDoS Protection SKUs

Microsoft Azure offers two variations of DDoS protection SKUs, both ideal for different business needs and scales. Here is how:

1. DDoS IP Protection

DDoS IP protection is advisable for SMB clients. It’s an ideal choice of protection for clients who require fully managed, simple, and easy-to-monitor DDoS protection for their few IP addresses. This is not only affordable for SMBs, but it also fits their needs well.

2. DDoS Network Protection

DDoS Network Protection was also known as the DDoS protection standard. Large businesses to needs to protect a higher number of IP addresses, and with larger spans of virtual networks, DDoS Network protection is their choice.

Final Words

DDoS IP protections are a secure and affordable option for small and medium businesses. SMBs only have to pay for the IP addresses protected with DDoS IP protection.

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