Success vs. Failure: Outcomes of Digital Transformation

Digital technologies use by company

The success of every organization, regardless of its size, relies on how well it uses available technologies, including the latest digital advancements. These technologies not only enhance product and service quality, customer experiences but also create a conducive environment for employee growth. While some organizations may not prioritize the latest technology due to their industry […]

Unlocking Competitive Advantage: A Guide to Digital Transformation for Your Business

A company pursues several objectives, including crafting the finest product on the market, selling it to customers for profit, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Achieving these three milestones propels a company into the coveted position of a market leader. However, many companies fall short in this endeavor due to a lack of competitive advantage over their […]

Some of the drawbacks of AI that Enterprises need to keep in mind

AI refers to the systems or machines that mimic the human brain to perform tasks. A human brain is a pattern-seeking machine that performs tasks based on the information it has and how it processes different information it has to solve problems. In the same way, AI sees patterns in the data they have access […]

Now you can run Google Cloud Speech AI Locally, without internet

Voice assistants are real-life savers and for many, probably the best technology. We all have been using our voice assistant devices from time to time to help us ease the manual work such as finding our favorite song, sending text messages when our hands are tied, searching for information, or just simply asking for an […]

Azure now provides Enterprise-grade DDoS protection for SMBs

Security threats to organizational resources and applications have increased tremendously in past few years. As a result, the security of data and resources concerns most organizations, especially small and medium businesses (SMBs). To safeguard against this evolving distributed denial of services (DDoS), Azure has announced DDoS IP protection and network protection that would offer enterprise-level […]

Get Everyone in your organization Digitally Fluent to succeed in Digital Transformation

Keeping up with technological advancements and navigating the ever-changing industrial environment is a key to success for any business. There will eventually be a transformation phase where their internal processes will have to be optimized if they are to keep their operations functioning. This means employees will either have to adapt as the organization is […]

Fundamentals of Self-Service Machine Learning

There is a lot of hype around self-service machine learning (ML) and for good reason. It has the potential to enable business users to build models without relying on data scientists or IT experts. But what is self-service ML, and how can you make it work for your business? By the end of this article, […]

What to Expect from Artificial Intelligence in 2022

Artificial Intelligence is the process of making a computer system that can work and react like humans. It has been in development for many years, and the future looks promising for both personal and business users. There are many advantages to using artificial intelligence. For personal users, AI can help with tasks such as organizing […]